Innovation Rediscovered Passion Exhibition

Our Collection


Reflection of Thoughts in Canvas


Rs.650.00 Rs.750.00

Artist: Chayan Gupta

Radha Krishna

Rs.750.00 Rs.900.00

Artist: Chayan Gupta


Rs.750.00 Rs.900.00

Artist: Chayan Gupta


Art by Vision Captured by Camera


Rs.850.00 Rs.1000.00

Photographer: Sukdeb Pal


Rs.1050.00 Rs.1200.00

Photographer: Tapesh Mukherjee


Rs.1000.00 Rs.1150.00

Photographer: Pradipta Dasgupta


Creativity of Instinct


Anniversary Greetings Card

Rs.60.00 Rs.70.00

Artisan: Sanju Karmakar

Cushion Cover

Rs.550.00 Rs.600.00

Artisan: Saraswati Pal

Blue Purse

Rs.250.00 Rs.350.00

Artisan: Saraswati Pal


Cactus Plant

Rs.250.00 Rs.300.00

Greenkeeper: Rakhi Pal Choudhury

Mini Banyan Plant

Rs.350.00 Rs.400.00

Greenkeeper: Rakhi Pal Choudhury

Pakur Plant

Rs.300.00 Rs.350.00

Greenkeeper: Rakhi Pal Choudhury

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